Keeping Sewers Clean

The sewer system is a vital component to our society’s infrastructure.  If the sewers back up, then dangerous gases and biohazardous waste can cause an ecological disaster.  One thing that you will want to do is a hydrant flow test to ensure that water pressure is good and that we don’t have any backup issues.

Don’t flush non-flushable

There are a limited number of items that you can flush.  Dippers, wipes and clothlike items should never be flushed down the drain.  If you flush these items, they can become caught up in the lines causing major issues in the sewer systems. 

Keep pipes warm

  If you live in a region of the country where the temperature goes down below freezing, then you will want to take the time to insulate your pipes leading up to your home and within your home.  If your pipes bust, then you will have a major issue on your hand.  Try to practice general upkeep to avoid problems.

Pump septic tanks

If you are not connected to the city sewer system, your home will have what is known as a septic system.  This septic system is basically a large hole in your yard that contains a large tank.  This tank will become full over time.  Depending on your usage these tanks are rated for three to five years.  At this time frame you want to have your tank pumped.  When you do this your tanks won’t overflow. 

Call for help quickly

hydrant flow test

If you come across a problem, you want to call for help as quickly as you can.  It is important that if you encounter a problem that you have it addressed as quickly as possible.  If you delay, then the cleanup and repairs could increase exponentially.  This can cause a simple problem that would have otherwise been maintained could turn into a living nightmare.